Sons of Confederate Veterans

Oaklawn/St. Louis Cemetery- Tampa

Located in Downtown Tampa, Hillsborough County, Florida

Compiled by John T. Lesley Camp #1282 - 2000

Thanks to Compatriot Julius Gordon
"St. Louis" represents the section of Oaklawn acquired by the Catholic Church. However some non-Catholics are buried here

Thomas Evans Askew, CSA Born 1828, died 1920, St. Louis

4th Corporal Louis Bell, Co K 7th Florida Infantry, CSA Born 1839, died 1884, St. Louis

Pvt. John F. Brown, Co C,4th Florida Infantry, CSA Born 1846, died 1867, Oaklawn

1st Sgt. William H. Brown, Co B 7th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1842, died 1870, Oaklawn

William C. Brown, Munnerlyns Company "Cow Calvary", CSA Born 1834, died 1904, St. Louis

Lt. Jesse S. Brunner, Co 6 6th Alabama Infantry, CSAUnknownNot marked, probably one of the 4 unknown soldiers

Joseph Cardy, Coast Guard, CSA Born 1825, died 1902, St. LouisPvt. James D. Clarke, Co A 3rd Florida Infantry, CSA Born unknown, died 1862, Oaklawn

Pvt. D. Issac Craft, Co A 18th Battalion, CSA Born 1837, died 1885, Oaklawn

Ch. Musician Henry Lafayette Crane, 4th Florida Infantry, CSA Born 1838, died 1930, Oaklawn

Sgt. George W. Daffin, Co G 8th Louisiana Infantry, CSABorn 1830, died 1895, Oaklawn

Alfonso Delaunay, Co K, 7th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1810, died 1865, St. Louis

St. Johns Delaunay, Co K 7th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1841, died 1903, St. Louis

Seaman Joseph Fagin, CSN, CSABorn 1843, died 1922, St. Louis

Capt. Josiah Ferris, Dykes Light Artillery, CSA Born 1836, died 1901, Oaklawn

William Ferris, CSA Born 1844, died 1967, Oaklawn

William G. Ferris, Home Guard, CSAUnknown, Oaklawn

1st Sgt. Lucius Finley, Co C 2nd Arkansas Infantry Born 1833, died 1892, Oaklawn

Pvt. George F. Fuchs, CO D Louisiana Infantry "Crescent Company", CSABorn 1848, died 1905, Oaklawn

Darvin Branch Givens, Home Guard, CSA Born 28 September 1858, died 20 September 1942, Oaklawn- As a 6 year old child, he alerted the Confederate troops at Tampa of the marching of the Yankee soldiers past the estuary. He said "the devils are coming....the devils are coming"

Pvt. John J. Givens, Co K 8th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1842, died 1880, Oaklawn

Lt. Thomas Wilks Givens, Co K 1st Florida Infantry, CSA Born 1840, died 1912, Oaklawn

Pvt. Joseph F. Grillon, Wescott's Company, CSABorn 1845, died 1917, St. Louis

Corp. Samuel Pinkney Haddon, Co D 7th South Carolina Infantry, CSA Born 1839, died 1914, Oaklawn

1st Lt. Colonel Horace H. Hale, 9th Florida Infantry, CSA Born 1839, died 1894, Oaklawn

Sgt. Major Ephriam L. Harrison, 2nd Florida Infantry, CSA Born 1826, died 1896, Oaklawn

James F. Henderson, CSA Born 1843, died 1873, Oaklawn

Pvt. William B. Henderson, Co D 1st Florida Reserved, CSA Born 1839, died 1909, Oaklawn

Pvt. John B. Jackson, Co K 7th Florida Infantry, CSA Born 1845, died 1921, Oaklawn

Levi Oscar Jackson, Georgia Military Regiment, CSABorn 1841, died 1912, Oaklawn
Edward T. Kendrick, 7th Florida Infantry Co E, CSABorn 1819, died 1862, Oaklawn

Blacksmith John Henry Krause, 7th Florida Infantry, CSA Born 1833, died 1900, Oaklawn

Paul B. Lalane, CSA Born 1847, died 1906, St. Louis

Capt. Henry C. Lea, Co C 9th Alabama Infantry, CSA Born 1848, died 1896, Oaklawn

Major John Thomas Lesley, Co K 4th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1839, died 1931, Oaklawn- Camp namesake - click for more information

Leroy G. Lesley, Munnerlyn's Company "Cow Calvary", CSA Born 1807, died 1882, Oaklawn

1st Sgt George W. Lyons, Co E 4th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1837, died 1916, St. Louis

James T. Magbee, Florida Home Guards, CSABorn 1820, died 1885, Oaklawn

Florida State Senator1st Corp. Lawrence A. Masters, Co K 4th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1830, died 1894, St. Louis

Blockade Runner James McKay, Sr., 5th District of Florida, CSABorn 1808, died 1876, Oaklawn

Capt. Henry Laurens Mitchell, Co K 4th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1831, died 1903, Oaklawn- Governor of Florida from 1893-1897

Pvt. James E. Morris, Co I 9th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1825, died 1902, Oaklawn

1st Lt. Charles N. Morse, 1st Louisiana Artillery, CSABorn 1838, died 1926, St. Louis

Pvt. Donald S. McKay, Co C 3rd Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1846, died 1918, Oaklawn

Capt. James McKay, Jr., Quartermaster, 4th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1842, died 1925, Oaklawn- After Spanish American War, advanced to become the US Army Quartermaster

Capt. Robert F. Nunez, Co B 7th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1828, died 1868Pvt. George Sauve, Capt. Guey's Company, Louisiana, CSABorn 1838, died 1911, St. Louis

Lt. Michael L. Shannahan, Shannahan's Detachment Florida, CSN, CSABorn 1813, died 1863, Oaklawn

Hiram Smith, CSABorn 1809, died 1870, Oaklawn- Deserted Union Army from Ohio and enlisted with the Confederacy 1862

Pvt. George W. Sparkman, Co B 2nd Florida Calvary, CSABorn 1844, died 1936, Oaklawn

1st Lt. John E. Spencer, Co K 4th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1841, died 1866, Oaklawn

Pvt. William J. Spencer, Co K 4th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1839 died 1862, Oaklawn

Col. Robert Brenham Thomas, 9th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1828, died 1901, Oaklawn- Graduate of US Military Academy at West Point. Resigned commission to join the Confederacy. Thomas is the highest ranking officer buried at Oaklawn, having been promoted to Brigadier General of the Florida 5th Brigade of the Florida Militia after the War of Northern Aggression.

Pvt. John P. Wall, Co C 9th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1836, died 1895, OaklawnPvt. William W. Wall, Co C 9th Florida Infantry, CSABorn 1834, died 1878, Oaklawn

Capt. John B. Walton, Co G 43rd Mississippi Infantry, CSABorn 1845, died 1906, St. Louis

Herman Weissbrod, Co B 1st Battalion Florida Special Cavalry, CSABorn 1818, died 1900, Oaklawn

Richard M. Wells, Munnerlyns Company "Cow Calvary", CSABorn 1838, died 1899, Oaklawn

59-62. 4 Unknown Veterans awaiting identification