Sons of Confederate Veterans

The Florida Confederate Memorial Wall (TFCMW)



1. TRANSPORTATION VEHICLE REQUIREMENT: The borrowing patron must furnish minimum one-half ton vehicle equipped with frame hitch and required ball plus attached wiring for rear signals. 

2. INSURANCE COVERAGE REQUIREMENT: Borrowing patron must provide valid and current liability insurance with proof that patron's insurance carrier will cover any damage to the trailer and contents within during patron's possession of the trailer and TFCMW.

3. REQUIRED CONTRIBUTIONS: Borrowing patron is required to submit a contribution of $250.00 for use of the exhibit. Upon return and satisfactory inspection by a board member, a refund of $150.00 will be mailed to the customer within 7 days. A prearranged time period for loan of the exhibit will be agreed upon by both parties. If a scheduled event follows the preceding agreement the exhibit must be returned within 5 calendar days or a fee of $15.00 per day will be deducted from the deposit. 

4. DAMAGE LIABILITY: Borrowing patron is responsible for any damages to the trailer and contents incurred during travel, the scheduled event and return to TFCMW's Tampa base. Replacement cost for one panel will be $825.00.

5. MAINTENENCE & CARE REQUIREMENTS: Borrowing patron must provide shelter for the exhibit and secure TFCMW during non-display periods. If threatening weather is forecast all damage prevention steps are required. Furthermore, TFCMW must never be left unattended or unguarded.

6. TFCMW AVAILABILITY: TFCMW exhibit is normally available 365 days a year for indoor presentation. Outdoor display is limited to the months of January through May and October through December. Note: TFCMW must not be displayed in direct sunlight.

7. FORMS: Designated borrowing and liability forms will be provided to the borrowing patron and they must be signed by an authorized agent of the borrower. An Inspection Form detailing the pre-borrowing condition of the trailer will be completed in the presence of a TFCMW representative and the borrowing patron or the authorized agent before borrowing patron takes possession and upon TFCMW return. A TFCMW board member or officer will conduct the aforementioned inspection and approve the condition or penalize the customer for any damage to the trailer and contents within. 

8. TFCMW reserves the right to have a representative(s) present at any event to provide guidance, oversee unloading, ensure correct setup and proper display, and supervise disassembly and loading.

Please contact Vice President Mike Herring to discuss the possible borrowing of TFCMW:


Telephone: (813) 681-6922